Algorithms, word problems, and figuring out problems/solutions

Last night, while I was having trouble pushing through the last handful of challenges in basic JavaScript, it dawned on me how much of figuring out how to code a solution felt like trying to solve the old word problems in math class a long time ago. And then, by chance, I watched the video linked below. It sounds like algorithms are basically solutions to word problems (i.e., the challenges) prior to turning them into code.

I say all that to ask the question, should I practice algorithms in order to get better at figuring out what a challenge or problem’s solution is? Because I feel like it’s a challenge for me to figure out the solution (maybe, really, to figure out the problem?), even before getting to the coding of it.

‘Coding’ is all about figuring out the solution. Typing things into a computer is not the key part of coding, it is understanding and solving problems.

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