Need help with algorithms

So i started to teach myself java script and its been at least 3 weeks now if i’m correct and i am having a lot of trouble understanding how to figure out algorithms whether they are basic or advanced. i was wondering if anyone can guide me on the correct path in terms of recommending any resources such as books, videos or even courses. i just want to know how to figure them out. I’ve been following videos on the fundamentals of java script but they haven’t clearly outlined the methods of figuring out the answers to algorithms.

if anyone has any advice on where i can start teaching myself on how to understand them i would greatly appreciate it. if it helps i live in the UK :sweat_smile:

thank you

You’re going to have a tough time if you only want to

Algorithm challenges are largely a collection of various programming concepts implemented for each language. You should be concerned with learning JavaScript to write JavaScript and then solve or create algorithms to improve your workflow.

Regardless the book “Eloquent JavaScript” is a popular resource among learners.


Besides Free Code Camp?

I had the same problem when I started.
I did solve all the challenges in FCC, but my approach was always very questionable.

I think doing the exercises in CodeSignal helped me a lot. Hence, practice is always a great way to improve. =)

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Me too, until I focused on actually learning JavaScript, then I came back and they were all too easy. Solving an algorithm is not just a technical matter but a critical thinking and problem solving approach. You are going to be challenged if you are not comfortable with the language you are using to solve them, or even aware of how computers solve certain problems. I say that because even if you sketch out how to solve a problem on paper, the human way of thinking is different from what algorithms demand.

Finding someone to program with or joining a group/cohort who progress through that section together would be a good approach. A group can help you on each challenge as you all work to solve the problems together.

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whenever i try to complete the algorithms on FCC i would give up easily and search up the answer on google, which i know isn’t the most suitable way of getting the answer. so i want to teach myself through any type of resource if possible but thanks for the recommendation that you have given and i will definitely look it up and purchase it. but as of right now i’m still learning the language and i have actually come a long way within the past few weeks.

i was just wondering though, before you actually started answering the algorithms on FCC how long did it take you to teach yourself java script? since i feel like i’m still new to all of this. i am also very eager to learn it

yes please i would greatly appreciate it


hmmm i’ll defo check out that website and see how well i can do with the exercises, thank you for the recommendation. i’m still fairly new to javascript thats why all the ones on FCC were doing my head in:joy::joy:

I sometimes use codewars for algorithm practice. There’s hundreds (if not thousands) of challenges you can pick from, of varying difficulty. After you solve a challenge, you get to see other people’s solutions and feel insecure about your own code. It’s great!

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wooow never expected to get so much help from the community but thanks for the recommendation. ill defo check that out too and see if its of any help to me. ill try spend the whole day teaching myself algorithms on those websites and see how well i do.