These FCC challenges on JavaScript are too hard for me such as algorithms

can anyone give me a good place where i can teach myself how to problem solve with JavaScript, because i am still struggling with the basic algorithms and i fully don’t know how to solve them . they’re just making me feel so dumb and i hate it. I’m still a beginner at this stage but I’ve taught myself all the JavaScript basic knowledge i need to know. what can i do to improve my skills on solving algorithms.



Keep in mind that they should be hard. It’s expected that figuring out how to approach and solve the logical problem will be a lot of work.


If you are still a beginner, then how could you possibly know that you have taught yourself all the JavaScript you need to know?

Which challenges are you having trouble with? What code have you tried to write for those challenges?

If you are having difficulty with a specific challenge, click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum. Make sure to explain anything you do not understand about a challenge’s instructions or why your code returns something different than a specific test expects.

We will do our best to help you, but you must show us what you have tried first.


Just keep going. I must confess that around a year ago when I started out with JavaScript I could not wrap my head around the most basic syntax. If I gave up at that time I would never have progressed. Only after a couple months of sticking at it did I actually begin to understand the simple functions and basic algorithms. Now (unbelievably) I could actually produce some working scripts :slight_smile:

You should practise a lot. Read other people’s code and try writing your own. It’s okay to copy-paste in the beginning until you understand why/how things work. Watch video tutorials, play coding games, read books on the topic, read discussions on them, read StackOverFlow questions/answers on them…Just don’t give up.


Thank you very much for the motivational message, i needed that tbh because whenever i look at other peoples messages on forums and blog ill always think to myself hkw the hell did thet manage to figure the answer out to a problem when Im here just clueless as hell all the time. It always frustrates me when i cant find out the solution to a problem. I defo have the drive for learning javascript and i hope i can get better overtime because ive been putting in atleast 3 to 4 hrs of javascript for the past 2 months. But i think i need to start making small apps and also jump into projects too. I cant wait for that aha moment when I can easily understand algorithms tbh and just beat them down easily.

Thank you

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I think i need to write out a plan on how to solve an algorithm before actually solving it. Thanks for the advice much appreciated

Hmmm you’re right I will look into the problem and post it on the forum

Thanks for the advice

It will come, @hajimon_53 – one of the best things to do is just what you’re doing. This is a sort of coding round table, we come together and discuss stuff. Not only code, but the concept behind the code.

Many of the same concepts apply in any language – python, php, java, C# – so grasping the concept is, to my mind, more important than the particular language. Ask questions, research, find a core of people who think like you, but also a little… different.

I go to musical jam sessions often, and to coding jams. The idea is the same. If we get together and I see you making a musical chord I don’t know, I’m going to ask and watch and learn. When I see someone writing code that breaks, I’m going to want to tinker with it, see if there is a kernel of something new that expands my knowledge.

As with anything, it’s time and experience. I got faith in you, @hajimon_53! You got this far, keep it going! :wink:

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Consider checking out

They specifically go over algorithms and strategies for solving them.


I think i need to write out a plan on how to solve an algorithm before actually solving it.

I think you’re on the right track here. Everyone has their own preferences of course, but when I’m writing a function that’s more than a one- or two-liner, I will almost always start with pseudocode comments.

Very often, I even find that writing out the pseudocode by hand on a sheet of paper is helpful for me as well.

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Personally, I have a plastic folder of index cards. I write simple algorithms on them as I come up with them, until I can get to a computer and put them into an online journal (simply a google doc), sorted by type.

…and I read a LOT of algorithm books…

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Thank you very much for the motivational message, ive started my new job and i recently bought a new a laptop so that i can spend time coding at work too now. I really want this to work out for me and im just loving how much support the coding community has. I never expected it to be like this tbh but giving up is the last thing on my mind ive been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of articles on data structures and algos. And they all seem to have the same concept behind them like what you said. I hope i get better overtime and grasp the concept because im fully determined to get my programmjng career going.

I appreciate the message alot
Thank you and you have my word ill defo wont give up mate :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Yhhh ive been trying to practice that but the pseudocode thing i havent tried out yet. Ill defo try that out today and see how i find it. Hopefully it helps me overtime while learning all of these ideas.

Thanks for the advice

Thank you for the algorithm websites, ill defo check that out and see how it goes for me. Hopefully itll ve able to help me out on algos

Thank you for the advice​:+1:t4::+1:t4:

Have you got any good books that i can buy and get some good information from and also websites or videos of any sort. I will defo buy them if need be.

Thank you

My personal favorite, that I’ve referred to for years, is Pro Javascript Design Patterns by Dustin Diaz and Ross Harmes, from Apress Publishing.

Also, the one that really got me started in design patterns as a whole (while written for java, works from the algorithm perspective) is Headfirst Design Patterns.

Addy Osmani has a GREAT reference available free and open source at

Thanks for the recommendation, im buying both of them.

I appreciate the help👍🏽

am a farmer in rural africa also starting out on javascript hope you got to know your way’
my purpose for learning coding is to help solve problems we face as small scale farmers most of us living on 2$ a day