Can't do Basic Algorithm challenges

First thing, hello y’all and thank you for reading my post. So, I started in FCC in November 2nd. I skipped HTML and CSS since I already knew some of it and went directly to JavaScript.

So far, I’ve done almost everything in the JavaScript section except Advanced Algorithm challenges and ES6 (couldn’t get through some map exercise that wasn’t explained before hand).

So I tried to complete my first challenge in the Basic Algorithm challenges and my mind went blank. I got really discouraged since I couldn’t figure out in 4 hours how to make the code work so I’ve taken a break of two weeks to cool down a little bit and now I don’t even know where to start. Should I re-read the whole JavaScript thing? Was I doing it wrong since I didn’t take any notes?

I’m aware that this is a common topic in the FCC forum but I really do need some kind of guidelines of what to do next.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey there,

I think re-reading the Javascript module won’t hurt. I would also read some other tutorials in the Internet to grasp the basics of JS. The thing is that you get comfortable using Javascript no matter how long it takes.

Don’t get frustrated. Do it step by step and don’t give up.

Happy coding!

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Try first to think about the problem, not the code. Think about how you would solve that with a pen and paper and your mind.
Write down a psuedocode, then when you feel like your approach seems good. Then convert the psuedocode to code.

Also algorithms are hard, but they get better the more you practise. But the best tip I can give is to not think in code, but think how you would solve the problem.

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