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Hi guys,

My word, I did not anticipate that the Survey-Form project would take this long.

I am done with the HTML aspect of things but stuck on CSS. I have all border elements coded, so that there’s a border around my form (if that makes sense).

I also would like to center my “Additional Information” box, as well as the “Submit” button.

Would also actually like to center my “Radio” and “Checkbox” text, they seem to be a bit lowered compared to their “box” or “radio” counterparts.

Please assist.

What am I missing?

I hope all made sense.

Here’s the link to the challenge, so you have a broader understand of how everything looks on both ends:

Survey Form: Build a Survey Form |


Oh, the “Additional Comments” and “Submit” elements are just too close to each other, think it’s a padding issue, I’m not too sure.

If you may kindly please assist as well there.

I just noticed a misalignment as well above the form, the boxes (or what do they call them again?) where you’re required to enter your details are a bit to the right and not directly right underneath the “Name”, “Age” etc…

We can’t see your code so it would help if you posted it inside a codepen for example and specified the exact ids or elements you are trying to change.

If we can’t see your code knowing where the problem is might be hard. you can deploy either to github or codepen

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Yeah, I realized I should have pasted it on here. I juat wanted you guys to check out both the HTML as well as the CSS side by side.

However, I was able to figure it out.

Thank you :blush:

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