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Hey there, fairly new to coding. I have the survey built for the 2nd project in the HTML course but I’m having trouble passing #12. Nevermind the blandness of the build, I just want it to pas 100% before I do anything too fancy.

" 12. Inside the form element, I can select an option from a dropdown that has corresponding id=“dropdown”.’"

I’m not sure where in my div to put “id=dropdown”, or if I’m misunderstanding the syntax of the error for number 12 (syntax sentence-wise, not code-wise). The code functions, and I’ve finished everything else with a pass, but no matter what element in the div I put id=“dropdown” in, I can’t seem to pass this.

Could someone please point me in the right direction? I’m quite confused, this one has stumped me for a few days now.

Here’s the link:

Hi @PersonMcPersonPerson !

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I would replace this html

    <!--My issue is here, I've removed the 'id="dropdown"' from all lines of the <div>-->
      <p><div class="dropdown">
      <button class="dropdown__hover">Allergies</button>
      <div class="dropdown__menu">
        <a href="#">Yes</a>
        <a href="#">No</a>

with a built in dropdown option.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much! I don’t remember if this was a lesson I’ve learned in the course yet or not, but it’s much more straightforward than what I was doing :sweat_smile: Regardless this immediately resolved my issue and I finished the survey project! :slight_smile:

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