Already Donating, but

I was wondering. I have been donating to FCC every month for a year now and still it keeps popping asking that if I want to donate between lessons. Does this means FCC does not know who is donating or not? Or just that is the way it is set?

The curriculum and experience is the same for everyone. The lessons, pop-ups, etc are completely ignorant of whether you donate or not. On one hand this means the odd side effect of being asked to donate when you already do, but on the other hand one might argue that suppressing those messages would mean allowing some people benefits based on their financial situation. All that said, whether a camper donates or not, they can use (or create) a browser extension to prevent these messages.

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Hi Ariel, do you know if there is a way to make a one time only donation? (Not a recurring payment).

If you select the PayPal option, you can cancel the recurring payments immediately. If you search the forum using keywords and @ArielLeslie you can find me demoing the steps and showing that it works.
(I’m at a work event all day, so I’m on my phone.)

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Thank You Ariel. It is O.K. I don’t really mind the pops that much. I was just wondering that maybe the donations were not going to fcc, that’s all. I’m glad you could answer my question. Thanks!