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Dear freeCodeCamp:

Would you please give users the option to decide how much we would like to donate to you? Not everyone can afford $5 per month; some people on here may be on fixed incomes like disability. It’s kind of inconsiderate for you to decide how much someone should donate. Some people may only be able to donate periodically. Some may be able to donate monthly, but not the $5 you are asking for.

Please give us options to decide how much money we want to donate to you and how often we want to make the donation: one time, monthly, quarterly, yearly. You might also want to think about adding some kind of incentive for people who donate, say, $25 or more per year.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request.

Rosalind G.

If you head to you can make a one-time donation via PayPal in any amount you like. It won’t stop the donation pop-ups, but I don’t know if recurring donations do either.

I doubt you’ll see a “donor level” of user though: additional incentives for donors creates expectations that FCC provide, essentially, a paid service, and this tends to lead to more problems down the road.

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So you’re saying that donating does not stop the popups? To me, that’s a major disincentive to even continue.

¯\(ツ)/¯ – FCC is still free.


Yes, but it is very annoying to have your whole page blocked every 15 or so minutes with a pop up asking for money. And if donating doesn’t stop the pop ups, what would be the incentive to stay at FCC and continue to learn? That $60 yearly donation can go towards the cost of a subscription to a non volunteer and more professionally written course. And we don’t need FCC to get experience working with nonprofits. That can be found as easy as asking. There really isn’t an incentive to stay here if after enrolling in a monthly support plan if you still have to deal with popups. When I’m laser focused on getting work done, the popups are a major distraction and interrupt my train of thought. But, that’s just me. Everyone else’s milage may.

If you make a recurring subscription and the popup is still appearing you can contact @QuincyLarson directly to have that fixed (@chuckadams)

You can also set up FreeCodeCamp locally, you can still enjoy all the curriculum but you can avoid the pop-up (maybe you would need to make the change to deactivate the pop-up). In this way it is still free and even offline!

And even an open source project need money to keep it going - like for servers. For the people that are working full time on it to be able to pay bills.

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