Already nothing is working with my tribute page

I’m working on my tribute page project right now, and even though I am using the “main” tag and “title” tag, the tester says it does not see either of them. What’s going on?

<script src=""></script>


<title> Bite me </title>

You need to re-read User Story #1 and #2 again. They say nothing about using a main or title tag.

EDIT: This does not mean you can not use a main tag. You just need to make sure what attributes are being required of you to add to the elements described in the first two user stories.

But isn’t it telling me to use those?

"User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id=“main”, which contains all other elements.

User Story #2: I should see an element with a corresponding id=“title”, which contains a string (i.e. text) that describes the subject of the tribute page (e.g. “Dr. Norman Borlaug”)."

OK, I think I’ve got it. It’s not talking about using those tags, it about setting them as IDs for elements.

I put in <head id="main"></head> but it still doesn’t register.

Are you using Codepen? If so, can you post a link so we can see your updates?

And already this is entirely confusing. I know I did all those challenges, though. I will try playing around with the meta tags in the settings thing, I think.

All I see in the html section is:

<script src=""></script>

<head id="main"></head>

The head element is not were you put html elements you want to be visible on the page. Those will go in the body element. You put other things like the title tag and meta tags in the head element, but in Codepen that is handled differently. Other than the head element, you want to put your html elements in the HTML section which Codepen automatically puts in the body element (behind-the-scenes) for you.

Below is the general template for a page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <!-- things like the title tag, style tag and meta tags go here  and in Codepen you use the HTML settings section to add these -->
 <!-- this is where all your visible content needs to go and in Codpen the HTML sections represents what will be in this section -->

 <!-- at the bottom is typically where you want to put your script tags, but in Codepen, you add them using the JS Module as external links-->

Not to insult the program or anything, but I learned more from following this guy’s video than I did practicing half of those challenges, and the test feature thing still says it’s not working, which I wasn’t expecting it to.

Am I at least on the right track? Here’s the updated version:

The first test which shows a failure is valid in saying you failed it, because you do not have an element which has an id attribute that has “main” for it’s value. If you think you do, then what line number is it on in your HTML?

Also, make sure you click saved after any changes, so we can see the updates when we view the pen.

OK, so I updated it, and after giving in and just copying the entirety of someone else’s tribute page, I saw how the format of it is supposed to be, and that it should have been <h1 id="title"> Title </h1>.

But how do I learn like this? I tried looking up how to take notes while programming before starting this course, but they all said it’s not necessary. I practiced the challenges. And yet when it comes time to perform, just as I expected, I didn’t remember how to do anything from memory. I end up having to just copying what someone else did.

How am I ever going to learn enough to do freelance web developing work by the end of the year?

Who is “they”?

You have to practice what is being presented in the challenges either on your own to test out how changes you make to the code you know works vs something different. The other way you practice is you work on the projects like you are doing now. There are always going to be things you forget, but then you just go back to your notes or the section in the curriculum to “re-learn” the concept or syntax again. You learn by making mistakes and learning how to correct those mistakes.

Well, I see there’s going to be a lot of that. I’m just starting to think that I really SHOULD take notes, if I can just figure out how. I will have to work on this thing some more either tomorrow of do the projects this weekend. Thank you for your help.

And by “they”, I mean the answers I saw to others who asked the same questions on places like Quora and Reddit.

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You should see the notebooks full of notes when I was first learning JavaScript and Python. If you normally take notes to help you learn, then by all means do it. Everyone learns differently. Many campers (not me) feel the watching videos helps them learn. I quickly get bored with a video and want to start testing, so I found Free Code Camp perfect for me. Also, most videos you are just watching someone type code and then you type the same code in your own editor. It seems more like a Simon Says game than actually learning, but there is some evidence that typing out code can help to etch something into your bring. I find most of the time, campers end up just copying pasting to speed up the video learning process, but that defeats the entire purpose.

Some campers need a mix of what FCC offers couple with some videos here and there. The FCC curriculum is not meant to be comprehensive. It is meant to teach you “just enough” so you can do further research on your own if needed.

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OK, it’s starting to come back to me a bit. I can put the CSS elements; the things that modify the appearance and placement of texts, images, and links, in the CSS box, and use the # to tag certain things with an id in the HTML box. Then I can designate it in the CSS box using it’s id and modify its appearance.

Like, I put a # in front of “main”, which then let’s me go into the CSS box and go,

#main {

font-color: blue;


Then whatever things are wrapped up in the main tag get modified to appear blue.

You seem to understand what to do regarding id selectors, but there no CSS property named font-color, so the code above will not change the color of any text to blue.

Yeah, but, still. That’s the concept, right?