Am I being too hard on myself?

I’m going to apologize beforehand for the rant/wall of text. I just need some reality check.

To give some context, I’ll explain my situation a bit. I’m currently 30, quit my job 6 months ago to study web dev after saving enough. I’m trying to make a career switch since I don’t really like my degree.
Everything’s being going good, not as fast as I would have liked, but good enough. Until I got a job offer last week. It’s something related to my degree, and while not great would mean stable income.

This made me doubtful about my whole plan. From the very beginning I’ve seen this whole ‘Become a web dev’ journy as some nearly-impossible feat that I kept pursuing out if sheer relentlessness. I’ve been studying HTML, CSS, JS, probably slowly, but I wanted to understand this. I also studied SASS, Bootstrap and now I’m learning React, Redux and Adobe XD. I’ve also tried to improve my English level in order to make remote work an option, and considered creating websites for passive income.

On one hand I’m doubtful, on the other I feel like I’m making progress and this whole thing is about to ‘click’ on me, that I just need to build a portfolio and start applying.

I don’t really expect any ‘magic’ words that clear the clouds over my head, but any input from someone that has lived (or is living) the same situation would be appreciated.


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My two cents.

Don’t go too wide.

Make (personal) projects.

Make stuff, don’t just acquire knowledge.

Don’t give up.

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Don’t give up on coding. But it seems like you’re doing a lot at the same time.
It’s okay to get a steady income while upgrading your coding skills.
Just play around with making pages and getting your skills more natural. (Does that make sense)
anyway, Hang in there!

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