Need ADVICE! Already working as a Dev but I'm not happy/satisfied

Hello FCC!

I’m a Front-end Web Developer in a company for almost 9 months now. My problem is, i think i’m not progressing my skills and knowledge anymore as a Web Developer maybe because most of my tasks are not code related, it’s more like inputting data/content from word document or excel file to wordpress CMS(posts,products, pages etc.) and in company’s internal system. And when the time they give me task related to coding, i’m always struggling and get stuck. I want to learn and improve in my free time but i’m exhausted or feel like super lazy and I don’t know what to do or where to start, maybe start from scratch. need some words of wisdom, inspiration, stories or anything you think that can help.

P.S: i don’t want to quit my job anytime soon because i need it to provide the necessary things for my self and family.


Have you tried hacking together some tools to do that drone work (data input etc.) for you?

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nope. i don’t have any tools for that.

There are a few ways to challenge yourself - there is no shortage of free coding challenge sites - if you find those problems contrived or uninspiring you can look into what interests or moves you like music, photography, sports, history, travel etc and either start cloning a website or app in that area or come up with a new site or app - it’s important though to have both short-term tasks and a long-term goal - the tasks need to occupy your free time regularly if not every day after work - the goal should keep you motivated to start and finish the tasks

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Good. That means you can build some.

If you’re uncomfortable working with code, it’s not really clear how you got the job in the first place. But given that you’ve got it and are performing it at least well enough to avoid getting fired, you can try to set aside a little time each day for your own professional development. That means analyzing the parts of the job you’re struggling at (you say “coding”, but that’s too broad - do you mean HTML? CSS? Writing scripts? Debugging? Creating WordPress plugins? And which specific aspect of each of those? Working with REST APIs? Interacting with your company’s database and other resources? Optimizing for speed? Visual layout?) Then you need to seek out tutorials on those topics.


I think @lionel-rowe asked a really good question, that could really make a difference for you…coding may not play a significant role on your job right now, but it could if you develop the tools you need to make the job they did give you more efficient. That will accomplish a few things… You’ll get to do some development, which is what you want, to accomplish the tasks that your company wants you to do and in a much better way. Also, it will force your company to realize you are capable of a higher level than what they are tasking you with…at the same time, giving yourself some value as an employee who takes initiative.

That happened to me…about 15yrs ago I was working in a brain numbing job answering phones and getting people signed up with memberships, I loved the company and to date, it has the best company culture Ive ever been a part of…I just hated my particular job. When we had to create a financial report, it took us 2 days of work to get all the info, sorted and formatted. I hated that too. So I created a database where we’d put the info in as we signed people up, and be able to get a financial report in seconds. On top of that, if a member called to renew, it was insanely fast to pull up their records. Sounds so basic and normal now, but back then…my boss thought it was pretty impressive and told me I would never have to answer the phone again. Actually, thats the last job I ever had where I answered a phone…I hate phones LOL

Anyway…take from it what you will…just dont blow it off so easily and say you dont have the tools…look for ways you can put your skills to use, develop the tools you need to make your job better and show off what you can really do.


Been doing this for 17yrs full-time, self-employed. The truth of the matter is it’s not all new ground-breaking work. Some of the stuff that pays the bills are numbing, repetitive work, site updates, etc. – whatever the client wants/needs. So think of it as a little downtime… put some music, put some Netflix, relax, do the work.

2nd… You said, “And when the time they give me task related to coding, I’m always struggling and get stuck.” – maybe that’s a clue to why they’re not giving you bigger responsibilities? Because you have not grown yet, or you need more growing/learning to do. After all, you’re just there only 9 months. You’re the NEW guy. The NEW guy gets to do the work nobody wants to do. So you need to prove to them you’re not the NEW guy anymore, and that you can do more.

You’d have to dig deep and overcome this inertia. You need to impress your co-workers with something they don’t know yet, or become good or on-par with their level and SHOW it to them. Then maybe they’ll see you as “Hey, let’s give this stuff to him. He can do this and give the WordPress stuff to the next new guy.” I suggest finding a side-project you like/love very much and try to use that for your learning and improvement. Just don’t do it on company time.

The suggestion of automating your daily tasks (maybe use python) is a good start. Impress your co-workers with something they don’t know.


Another thing you can try is simply asking your manager for more work suitable to your interests and career advancement.

This can show that you’re interested in learning more and ready to advance your skillset. I think most managers would love that kind of initiative.

Thanks! that’s what I need to do, to create stuffs that interest me :slight_smile:

Well, they hired me after some skill tests like converting web design (jpg format) to static site and make it responsive. i’m mostly struggling to wordpress stuffs because I didn’t have much knowledge with it and I think that’s what I need to focus on. I actually bought a beginner to Advance Wordpress course on Udemy, and I think what I need to do now is to focus and fight procastination. It will be great if you can share how you keep yourself motivated or what you do to be motivated?

Wow, thanks! that’s very motivating :slight_smile: you did a great job. I think one of my challenges now is to keep motivated and fight procastination to achieve my goals.

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Yeah, i think i’m not grown yet. It’s a good idea to just do the work for now and focus on learning and put a lot of work on advancing my skills and knowledge. thanks man! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea :slight_smile: but I lost my confident and i need to develop more on my skills specifically on wordpress which the sites that i’m assigned.

Motivation and I have a troubled relationship lol When Im motivated, I will go non-stop for hours…days even. When I first found FCC and then added P1xt’s Get Job Ready guide, I was studying for 10+ hours a day,often more, rarely less. Kiddo started yelling at me to sleep and eat and take breaks before I burn out. My reply to that was…you don’t know me! Let me live my life!!! And then not long after I burned out, had zero motivation, and didnt touch any of my studies for about a month. I guess she does know me afterall :laughing:

The key to motivation though is a goal. If the goal means something to you, your passion to reach that goal will be the fuel to drive you forward. My goal is to get a job in development, I have loved programming since I was a teenager, but I fell into sales and got stuck there for 12 years. My ultimate goal is to get an RV and work remotely while also traveling.

So yeah, after about a month of zero studies, last week I was out with my daughter when an RV drove past us… I could visualize myself in the drivers seat, the open road in front of me with Metallica’s “Where Ever I May Roam” blasting…and as soon as I got home I immediately logged back into FCC and CS50x. So yeah, what is your passion, whats your goal? Think about what the benefits of studying and being better at what you do. Whats in it for you? Do you want it bad enough?
That should be what motivates you.


Then it’s time for you to build some. When the company gives you data, you need do nothing more than run the script, while it’s running go get a cup of coffee or something. Now that being said if your job said you would be a software developer and that’s not what you’re doing, maybe you should look for another company to work with?

You also stated you are not comfortable working with code? It probably means you need to take some more time to study and get good at coding in the areas you aren’t comfortable with. freeCodeCamp has a lot of content for you to read that would help you become an even better developer

Good luck :slight_smile:


That’s a lot of hustle, i also did that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but after a days of hustling i get destructed with other things like hanging out with my friends, partying, playing Dota and to get out of with the burnouts and struggles. so weak smh :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I’m thinking to resign and study full-time on FCC, P1xt’s Get Job Ready guide and other resources for the remaining months this year since I have a little bit savings and maybe do some freelance stuffs to add on my portfolio(TBD) and next year I will prepare for applying a Real Web Dev job hopefully I can find a remote job that is flexible on work schedule :slight_smile: .by the way, we have the same ultimate goal :heart_eyes:, i really like working and traveling. It’s like a Dream come true living on a RV working and see the beauty of the earth :relaxed: :sunny: :sunglasses:

so what do you think in my idea for resigning on my current job?

by the way, thank you for sharing your experiences and taking your time in this topic, it means a lot :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Actually, i tried to do some but my boss don’t want me to automate it and I don’t know why maybe he don’t want to get my job done so easily. I also have problem with his attitude, he’s like a control freak he don’t want me to do stuffs that he is not asking for like creating an app to automate some of my tasks. Looking for another company to work with is a great idea, i’m actually preparing for it first like study again from basics to advanced stuffs and then prepare for applying Real Web Developer job.

Awe! That is so sweet of you! You made my day…and its only 930a so thats pretty awesome :sun_with_face: :blush: That is so cool we share the same ultimate goal!!! Usually people think Im crazy. “But where will you live?” …in my RV… “But…don’t you want to buy a house?!” Sure…when I’m 80, I’ll slow down and find some place to set up roots for the rest of my life. But finding the house I wanna die in isnt exactly my goal at the moment. …thats about the point they are not sure what to say next :laughing:

I think that this type of job lends itself to people like us though… I read a lot of blogs of full time RV’ers and world travlers and the majority of them freelance or work remotely in tech. Google “Digital Nomads” …your mind will be blown…and I guarantee that seeing so many people doing exactly what you want to do will put some fire under you :fire: :smiley:

As for resigning from your job, 3 months ago I would have said yes! Throw caution to the wind and go for it!!! But right now Im broke and scrambling to find a job…any job now and cant tell you in good conscious to entirely drop your source of income. On the bright side, since I cant afford to eat out anymore I have lost a lot of weight!!! But… stressing to get the rent paid sucks hard. I won’t have a home to study in if I dont get some income flow soon… So yeah, if anything find a less intensive or part time job that will give you more time to study.

Oh, and actually…considering you are already in the field you want to work in, def hold onto that job or look to get another job in webdev where you can start using the skills you have. But try and bust your butt to get your learning path under way to ether advance there or get a better job elsewhere. You can totally do this :thumbsup: :

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If you are working in a developer job and your both does not want you to develop it’s time to start looking for other employment because you aren’t in a real developer job. Like I get it, it’s sucks that the job didn’t work out, but you deserve to be treated like a developer, not like a data enterer.

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Hey just do jobs for nonprofit organizations on codepen on the side to stay sharp and you will keep learning