Am I doing this right? Relational database course

I am new to coding and am trying to do the Become-a-Developer challenge I seen Quincy Larson posted on twitter. I am trying get the Relational Database Course working but I am sure I am doing it right. Here are the prerequisites and steps:


  1. [Docker Engine]
  2. [VS Code] and the [Remote Containers] extension
  3. Git

How to Run a Project in Docker

Follow these steps to run the docker container and start a tutorial:

  1. Clone the RDB Alpha repo to your computer with git clone
  2. Open a terminal, navigate to the rdb-alpha directory, and open VS Code with code .
  3. In VS Code, open the command palette with Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P . Then, enter and run Remote-Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container
  4. A new VS Code window will open and begin building the Docker image. It will take several minutes to build the first time
  5. Once the image is finished building, open the command palette again with Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P , enter and run CodeRoad: Start . The command won’t be available until the extension has finished installing in your container
  6. In the CodeRoad window, click “Start New Tutorial”
  7. Click the URL tab and enter the URL of the tutorial.json file for the project you want to start (ex: Full list of available tutorials below.
  8. Click the “Start” button to start the lessons

I have uninstall and reinstalled everything from scratch to just try to be sure it wasn’t something I was doing. I am still not sure. I’m on step 3 and when I type in Remote-Containers: Rebuild Container and Reopen in Container nothing comes up. I am pretty sure I did the first two steps right. I am new to all this so there is a chance I got something wrong. Step one I use the “git clone GitHub - freeCodeCamp/rdb-alpha” in the Git CMD to get it. I then use the dir rdb-alpha in both Git CMD and the windows CMD and use code to open Vs code to see if it made a difference but it didn’t.

Okay, I think what I was doing wrong was not allowing VS code to build the image for the container. I am not sure if I described that right. After I did that tho and open it I was able to use “Remote-Containers: Rebuild” but not “Remote-Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container”. That I think is a plus since before there wasn’t even a rebuild option. Also I got coderoad going which is even better and now have boilerplater course in the window. I don’t see any reason why it won’t work from here on. Being really new to all this can be overwhelming but I didn’t stop trying so that is a plus. It took me forever to figure out something I think might be a simple problem for others though :sweat_smile:

Hi @shadownova !

What do you mean it doesn’t work from here?
Are you seeing this in VS code?
Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 9.48.03 PM

If so, are you able to click on the start button and choose a tutorial from there?

Make sure you click on the URL option and add the json file of the tutorial you want to work on

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It sounds like you were able to get everything loaded @shadownova? If I understand, you are on the first step of a tutorial. The task is something like enter echo hello bash in the terminal. You may need to close the terminal and open a new one for the tests to run. Type exit into it to close it. Let us know if you are still having issues.

Yes I was. Its going smoothly right now. Thank you for checking in!

Thank you for the help. Yes I did manage to get it going. Its kind of confusing doing all this for the first time. Sorry for the trouble.

Glad you were able to get it working! :grinning:

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