Am I ready for a Junior Front End Developer role?

Hi all, I’ve been going through the FCC curriculum and creating projects. This is my portfolio. Some of the things there are a bit outdated (I will update them). Ever since, I’ve created some more projects and learned more technologies like Pug, React, Redux, Node, SASS, and ExpressJS.

What do I have to do to get a Front-End Developer job?

Note: The portfolio does mention I’m in HS but I want to prepare myself for a developer position while I’m in college.

In my personal opinion, there are a couple things that you don’t have on your site:

  1. Your Portfolio doesn’t have a navigation bar that auto scroll down.
  2. Your Waffle & bubble site have too much scrolling. I mean, I have to scroll a lot to get to the bottom. There are too much info on the landing page that make me confused.
  3. The Gateway QR scanner app, I can not add a new student.

The other programming projects, I am not sure how to test it so I won’t leave any comments about those.


Alright I will take note and update. Thanks. Yeah some things there are confusing.
Could you take a quick look at my codepens? That’s where I have my recent projects.

I’d focus more on the designs. Make them more modern looking and stand out. Look for inspiration from people who are really good at design.

I believe you are looking at it the wrong way. You should never be ready for a job that you apply for. You should always be below the requirements.
Apply to 500 jobs and one will land. That’s how you should look at it.

I would also say that one complicated project that takes a month or two or three to complete is better than any other number of small projects. Build something complicated and that’s all it takes. Quality over Quantity.

Don’t focus too much on design either, you are a Web Developer not a Web Designer.


Should I remove them from my portfolio, considering I don’t like designing?

I see that your projects on codepen doesn’t really matter. What matter now is focusing on your projects on your portfolio. I don’t think that employers really concern about it unless your have a really really fantastic project in codepen.

This is what I mean. The designs don’t have to be over the top, but at least try and make the modern looking and clean.

is a perfect example of what I mean by this.


OMG! That one an exceptional portfolio.

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Oh yeah it is! I use this as my standard of excellence for my portfolio and was even inspired by a few of his designs


In my opinion I think you need to correct this line in your portfolio.

I’m highly skilled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and the jQuery and NodeJS frameworks

First it’s sound a bit repetitive. Second, I don’t see any framework presented here. jQuery is a library, NodeJS is a runtime environment. Also React technically is a library and Redux is a state-management library. A little bit correction in term could make your portfolio look more professional.

Amazing portfolio. One of the best if not the best one I´ve seen here definetely. Good luck with the hunt job!

Looks like most of the designs of your completed apps are from templates.

If you are emphasizing your design skills in the first place, I suggest you write your own styles to impress your employers.

I don’t see any reason that you need to mention that you are in HS. Your portfolio looks like you can do the work so why short-change yourself? Your portfolio is great and you have got a lot of experience to back it up.