What Should I Be Doing to Maximize My Chances of Getting a Job?

So, I’ve been on FreeCodeCamp for almost 2 years now. I completed the Front End Developer certification about a year ago and have did some work on both the Data Visualization and Back End modules. I’ve been contacted by potential employers a handful of times, but haven’t been having much luck.

I’ve been applying mostly on Dice to Front End Web Developer and Junior Developer positions.

I also haven’t been in the most secure position in my life, working part-time at a grocery store and living at home. I’ve never worked a full-time job in my life, and graduated from college a few years ago (major not in Computer Science). I’m also 28.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere in my life.

Well, I see your problem.
When I check your LinkedIn, your profile.

It’s too students. And when I see your work in FCC, it’s too plain, boring and too students or high schooler.
And you don’t have a portfolio online.

I know very well your frustration ><. But whatever, in business it’s forbidden to say we are a graduate developer.
Your profile on Linkedin looks like more student than professional. Now the IT market more and more challenged than before >< .

The best way for you to enter the market, it’s to create a project from the real situation. For example, some associations need a website. You need an example of business, that can help you to show a showcase.

When I see your project, it looks like what I did in high school or my first two years of university. Your GitHub doesn’t have really great projects.

To tell the truth, for a front-end developer, to serve this quality of design, it disappointed ><. Especially on this era of coding.

I’m very harsh but I prefer to tell you the truth. The problem is that you no experience at all. Can you try to make internship for example? Keep courage, progress, be patient. Polish your current skill like HTML / CSS. Do something beautiful.

Recruiters see UI before the code. Even for a developer, a design is showing his skill. Now job market are very harsh because we must know how to code well and how to design well. Talents flourish everywhere now, it’s very tough now.

Tips :

  1. Remake every front-end you have done and make them beautiful
  2. Make an official portfolio
  3. Change your photo on Linkedin, go to a professional photographer and pay him to make a good portrait
  4. Remove every useless project on GitHub
  5. Make one and complete project on Github to show that a full features application
  6. Learn Unit Testing, they like Unit Testing
  7. Don’t apply only, go to meetup, tech event and share your business card (buy and create it) to show that you are really passionate about technology.
  8. Try do a lot of hackathon
  9. Your Linkedin as less than 100 persons, add more …

Have you tried looking on Angellist. The people who post on there are very quick to respond.