Am I too old for this?

I’m a 50-something woman in the United States and today is my very first day here. I did not even know about FCC until I was goofing around on the Internet yesterday and decided to try after reading all the amazing success stories from past users.

I know absolutely nothing about coding - other than what I have seen when I’ve accidently managed to pop open that weird screen with all the code on my work software that looks like gibberish.

My question is … is someone my age already too late to try this? Yes, I would like to explore jobs in the field, but I do not have expectations of making “tons of money” like someone younger than myself would be more apt to accomplish. I’d be happy if I could get something with a small company who appreciates my new knowledge as well as my other work/life experiences.

Anyone else in my situation? Any suggestions or real life advice?


I made the switch in my late 40s.

Is it possible? Sure. It’s going to take at least a year or two of hard work. And getting a first job is very difficult. And there is some ageism so it’s going to be extra difficult. But with work and patience, you should find something.

I’m not trying to discourage you, just trying to create some reasonable expectations.

Why not give it a try? See if you enjoy it. The best coders I know are the people that enjoy it.


Thank you for the kind words.

I work in a law firm currently (admin position) and see more than my fair share of ageism, unfortunately. Many of our clients have been forced out of positions they have held for years, sometimes decades, so employers can hire younger people at cheaper salaries and less benefits.

I am looking forward to this experience and interacting with the amazing people like you I’ve already discovered on here. I hope you have a fantastic Sunday afternoon.


Yeah, I think most of the ageism (and the other isms) in tech is passive - people just naturally feel more comfortable with people that share a common background. And tech is largely driven by young people. I was lucky enough to find a company that wanted a team of people from a diverse background. It does happen.

But again, especially if you don’t have a coding background, just see if you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, then a coding job is going to make you miserable. This is a stressful and exasperating enough job for those of us that enjoy it.

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Hi there! I’m a 55-year-old woman. I work in tech now as a support engineer. I want to move into development, hence studying here and elsewhere.

There IS ageism in tech, but it’s not insurmountable. It took me four years to find my current position. However, since moving into the SaaS world I’m approached by recruiters via LinkedIn at least a couple of times every week, and I’ve had good offers.

Good luck!

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Here is a great article from Quincy addressing this:


I’m in my mid 40’s and just getting started! I’ve looked at other bootcamps that are only a few months long and decided right now I want to start out slow and really learn it. Then maybe I’ll join a bootcamp if I really like it. I am worried that without structure and accountability, I won’t follow through.

I’d love to see your profile on LinkedIn to see what is working for you. I haven’t really developed a portfolio yet, but I would love to see one that is obviously so successful.

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