Am not creative enough

Have just finished my CSS toturials, and am about to start the projects but my problem is am not creative with designs ie bringing out a good layout. I rely heavily on ready made template designs which I think is not good. Please how can I be creative enough to bring out good designs?

Hello @elvisjay

Sorry i do not have the answer to your question but i surely know that don’t try to be 100% original/creative in your design rather take those ready made ones and tweak it little with your unique layout/design.
Hope this may help you. Happy coding and have a great day.
(and one more thing the more designs you make the more creative you would get at it)

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Thanks for the answer, let me be clear abit. Am in a project, have set out the HTML, now comes the CSS even though I can play around with some of the codings but my problem is how to really present the visual design layout so I really on ready made design layout. Thanks for your answer. I will try my best

@prayagd is right you don’t have to be 100% original in fact I believe no one is.
Also you can just browse through different websites and just make note of what you like in them, for example you like the navbar of one website and the button styles or hover effects in other, you could try to replicate the same styles for your website but don’t just copy/paste do it from scratch that’s how I learn.

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