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I was told that I should put content in my certification projects, how do I go about doing that? I know enough to meet the minimum requirements but lack the creativity to really make my projects stand out.

Any recommendations?

You might be able to draw ideas from looking at other completed pages online. Like the first cert project is a survey form, and you could look up examples of different survey forms and draw inspiration from that. I’ve been working on the survey form project for a few days now and just playing with it until I get results that look good to me. So I guess drawing from other ideas and then using your knowledge to experiment. :person_shrugging:



Id suggest follow the latest Design trend in Web Design.

For starter you can try to achieve the Bootstrap looks. Its a pretty standard UI theme.

If you want to read more about UI design, try look at graphic design principles.

Stuff like colour theory, groupings, negative spaces, and contrasts.

There are things in design that you can make to be objectively better. It doesn’t have to be full of colours or arts.


For content, use placeholder images and texts. You can generate text placeholders from

And you can also generate image placeholders such as

Hope this Helps

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Thanks for posting this. You gave me some things to familiarize myself with as well.

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i am a horrible designer, so I just write a list of keywords that are related to the subject matter, then I look them up. Sometimes looking at related things helps me get ideas.
Here are some of the ones I came up with 4 years ago when working on the projects

None of them are perfect, but considering I started with a blank page, and no design experience, I’m proud of them.


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