An Excellent Supplement to FCC

Hello, Everyone.

I recently completed the Javascript Data Structures and Algorithms section, and now I am going through in its entirety, mainly as a review of what I learned in FCC, but also to supplement my Vanilla JS knowledge.

I’m sure most of you guys are already aware of this site, but I am sharing for those who haven’t heard of it yet. It is an excellent, well-structured resource that has been really helping solidify my JS knowledge.

Here is a list of additional topics it covers [that aren’t covered in the FCC curriculum].

In Browser Debugging
Polyfills and Transpilers
Coding Style Tips
Automated Testing
Alert, Prompt, Confirm
Nullish Coalescing Operator
Garbage Collection
Symbol Type
WeakMap and WeakSet
Date and Time
JSON Methods
Object to Primitive Conversion
Global Object
Execution Context and Stack
Event Loop
Async / Await
new Function
setTimeout and setInterval
Proxy and Reflect
DOM Manipulation
Shadow DOM
Network Requests
Popups and Window Methods
Binary Data

FCC is still my number one learning resource, but I just wanted to share this as a supplement. The content is well-written and there are practice problems [with solutions] at the end of every chapter.

Happy learning!


Hi @josephylee and everyone!!

You might find the free part of Jad Joubran course Learn Javascript very useful too, updated and fully recommended. He has other courses (HTML-CSS and React) with free part as well. :ok_hand:

Happy coding, keep all the good work!!

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Awesome. Thank you for sharing, man.

Hey I wanted to take Jad’s course but I’m like Is It worth It and does his course covers the topic what @josephylee listed? I don’t wanna waste 100$ on his course If It’s not worth It

In general, you don’t need to purchase any learning materials given the volume of completely free materials.

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Jad’s course Is not free, I want to be confident with skills, I know the fundamentals of javascript but wanted to cover some Intermediate topics of JS like the @josephylee listed above, so that I’ll be confident enough, yeah and I also think there are free materials like but Interactive courses lack so many topics, my plan was to learn as fast as I can with flash cards and spending 12 hours daily with other GraphQL, storybook skills and all I don’t wanna waste time.

Flash cards aren’t that useful. If you want to learn, after you have the basics, work on increasingly complex projects. In any case though, programming takes time to learn


I feel that the FCC Javascript section combined with has done a pretty good job of teaching me vanilla JS.

My gut feeling is that after I complete the frameworks section, the rest of my knowledge can gradually be filled in as I build projects and research things out of necessity.

Also, in the FCC Coding Interview Prep section, they cover some additional important topics like bubble sort, merge sort, linked lists and binary trees.

Happy learning, fellow aspiring programmer!

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Also, if you check out some of the JS Complete courses on Udemy, you can see all their content listed in chapters. Then you could just make a list of all the topics you haven’t learned and research them separately on MDN or W3.

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Hi @spacelauncher

I think the course is great, but I just recommended the free parts of it because, as @JeremyLT have said you can find plenty good free resources now and you could use the free part as refreshed or for getting more practice.

For example envatotuts+ has a new 7 hours crash course with all you need to know to work with JavaScript in the front end and then with React or whatever:

As I have said other times you can use

as reference or even as learning platform.

With all that and the projects / videos you can find in freeCodeCamp YouTube channel or the freeCodeCamp news section you will have plenty of great information and practicing projects.

I am agree than flashcards are not important, also what the course really has are exercises to refreshing the theory as flashcards. Anyway, better than all that is practicing every day, not following along tutorials, playing with the features or trying to build things with all you have read or watch in a video is the key.

I hope this helps. Happy coding!!

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