Angular Lite-server : how to integrate proxy.config information into bs-config.json

I am developing a client application using Lite-server. In order to access the backend API I need to set up the proxy config so I don’t run into the CORS issue. I have a bs-config.json that has port and server information set up. I want to know how I can integrate the prox-config information into the bs-config.json. Do I really need to create a separate bs.config.js? Or should I somehow pass into two config files the commands in the package.json where I have "lite-server -c bs.config.json"? Thanks a lot! Below is a sample proxy.conf.json file but I am using Lite-server so I don’t see a way to pass in this configuration in the package.json.

  "/api": {
    "target": "",
    "secure": false,
    "pathRewrite": {
      "^/api": ""
    "changeOrigin": true

So just to be clear I assume your using angular.js and not Angular, as Angular development usually uses the angular-cli, which automatically acts like a “dev-server” and has its own proxy documentation, in which case you don’t need lite-server at all, as the angular-cli has its own setup for proxy settings.

If your just using angular.js, you should be fine using just life-server to re-write to your actual server, without using anything other than the lite-server.