Animated and dynamic tribute page - feedback?

I just finished some of my projects. Was playing with the CSS quite a lot these days :wink:
So yeah for the first challenge, the tribute page I wanted to try something a bit original and having it responsive and good looking was quite challenging but now I think it looks okay!

I also wrote down some comments and remarks within the perhaps it can help some of us who are currently or will be working on the challenge. Eventually if it’s useful perhaps I could write it down on medium as well.

All kind of feedback is welcome, I’m also really interested about some tips on keeping the code tidy and clearly organized as well.

The page

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i like it, very smart, i kinda want the tree to just be at the bottom though, as a little treat when i scroll down, but that might just be personal preference!

That’s what I did first and then the idea to have a background/foreground popped into my mind so I gave it a try and actually - perhaps I will try to explore the concept a bit more and in a better way but it’s true it’s not very common.

dont forget thats just my opinion, other folk might love it!

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Yes sure :smiley:
I’ll try to experiment more anyway!

Your page looks good @Brkln. Just one thing. Within your blockquote it’s okay to use <br> because it’s a poem.
The <br> outside of the blockquote is not used correctly. Don’t use it to force spacing. Use margin and/or padding in CSS.

Thank you so much, I just corrected that :slight_smile: