Animated .gif from screen recording, how?

How are most people going about doing this:

Found in this thread (to credit it).

How I do it when I want or need to:

  1. Record the screen.
  2. Open and import it in to photoshop. (Video Frames to Layers…)
  3. Edit and save as .gif

Is there some kind of free software utility out there that does it?
I can do it pretty quick the way I know how to that I just shared. I’m curious of how others are doing it.

it’s the same gif we use, us moderator

I found something like this: Video to animated GIF converter (

If you have a browser extension that register your browser you can then convert it as a gif

Or, @zaira_h , how do you create gifs?

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You can check out ScreenToGif. It also comes with a simple editor which let you edit it and do annotations, etc.

Thanks. It’s absolutely amazing what people have figured out and made a website do. I searched and found ScreenToGif and some others. I’ll keep doing it the way I’ve been doing it, but that’s really neat!

Hi, I have been using ScreenToGif. I started using it recently. It has pretty good options for editing too.

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