Best free software to screen record your web app?

Hey guys,

I’ve been wanting to make short gifs or something similar to demo my new apps instead of screenshots. Are there any particular apps do you recommend?

What device are you wanting to record on?

It will be Desktop/Laptop

:thinking: I was wondering more platform (Mac, PC), I should have been more specific.

On the Mac, you have a built in option for simple screen recording: QuickTime Player… or my husband recommends Giphy from the App Store (for Mac):

Thanks for the suggestions but I am actually on Windows.

Ah, I wish I could help, but I haven’t been on the windows platform in 2 decades :crazy_face:. Hopefully someone else will jump in and offer some great options. :slight_smile:

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I got you, fam. Former member of Clan Macintosh. I abandoned their desktop OS after they did.

I guess it’s not for everyone, I love it still.

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Hubby found this (for PC): maybe give it a go?

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Well, that looks pretty cool. Glad I participated today.

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Thanks guys for your inputs!


There is also LICEcap, I have not used it or the other apps so I can’t say anything. But its source is on Github which I do like (and it runs on OSX as well).

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Ended up using this.

And boy I was impressed. Open source with +6000 stars on github.

Easily surpassed my expectations.

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Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It can record all activities on Mac and Windows desktop.