Building my Portfolio

Hey everyone, I am working on my portfolio and am trying to take a capture of my projects on codepen and insert them as an image on my Portfolio and i get stuck don’t know how to capture them. That would be cool if anyone here could help me thanks.

you can screenshot the output or else if you use window you can use snipping tool through which you can take certain portion of your output . add them to google photos and use the link

sorry am using a mac

God You are lucky man . i can only dream using mac not even touch yet poor me .
Well you have to google it i have no idea about mac OS

ok Gunjan thanks i will

I recommend lightshot chrome extension.

Great thanks it works

in addition to the chrome screenshot extension…

Here is how to do it on a Mac (it MAY vary on different models- mine is a 2015 MacBook Pro)

Hold down the SHIFT + CMD + 4 keys at the same time. When the cursor changes to a crosshair let go of the keys.
Move the cursor to where you want to snap the screenshot, tap/click and HOLD to ‘draw’ around the area you want. Let go when you’re done.

the above is for a selected part of the screen.

For Mojave it’s slightly different- here’s a good place to start-

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