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Hi, I am not able to pass the following challenges and I cant figured out where the problem lays. I am able to send and receive the indicated requests to my server and I am able to receive the indicated responses, all the 10 chai tests are passing but I cant figured out what is it that I am doing incorrectly. Any hint(s) will be highly appreciated:

  1. You can send a POST request to /api/threads/{board} with form data including text and delete_password . The saved database record will have at least the fields _id , text , created_on (date & time), bumped_on (date & time, starts same as created_on ), reported (boolean), delete_password , & replies (array).
  2. You can send a POST request to /api/replies/{board} with form data including text , delete_password , & thread_id . This will update the bumped_on date to the comment’s date. In the thread’s replies array, an object will be saved with at least the properties _id , text , created_on , delete_password , & reported .
  3. You can send a DELETE request to /api/replies/{board} and pass along the thread_id , reply_id , & delete_password . Returned will be the string incorrect password or success . On success, the text of the reply_id will be changed to [deleted] .

The link to my code is CodeSandbox - CodeSandbox.


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