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I am not able to pass the following test case :

You can send a POST request to /api/threads/{board} with form data including text and delete_password . The saved database record will have at least the fields _id , text , created_on (date & time), bumped_on (date & time, starts same as created_on ), reported (boolean), delete_password , & replies (array).

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Challenge: Anonymous Message Board

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You need to return an object with data instead of redirecting to another page, like so:

    "_id": "nnnnnnnn",
    "text": "The board text",
    "created_on": "2021-12-20",
    "bumped_on": "2021-12-20",
    "reported": false,
    "delete_password": "thePassword",
    "replies": []

Basically, this should be the created object on the database.

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Can you tell where should i write this code

Inside the route that handles the post of the /api/threads/{board}. Instead of res.redirect you should send an object as the response with res.json.

Still not getting it… It’s in the api.js file right? I tried but not able to do

Let’s go step by step…

First, where is the route that handles the post method of the /api/threads/{board}? Paste that code here (I want to make sure we understand each other :slight_smile:).

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