Another Javascript Calculator with a tiny little personal twist. 😉

Yet another calculator, still a bit different though.
What do you think of it?

Project Link -

I have been debugging and testing it all over again, found some loose ends, but I think I have got them all now.
I know I used lots of code, so I guess I have to change that at some point in the future.

– edit – Except for the extensive code, all issues are solved now (99.9% sure). :blush:


Love it, especially the credits popping out but yea I also noticed that I was able to add as many operators as I wanted.

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Thank you for your quick response.I thought I had it all under control. Will have a look at it.

@P1xt @Criipi Fixed it. Thanks again!

perfect! Incredible design. And 2+.3

2+.3=2.3 2x.3=0.6 :grinning:

You can do all arethmetic operations with the or just .xxxx in my calculator.
You also can do all kind of operations with the minus 3x-2=-6
Perhaps I should add the zero to make it neat and clear.

Yes. I mean that. Other details - all is well implemented, I think

maybe add some funny error message when dividing by zero instead of returning Infinity or NaN (when 0/0) :slight_smile:

@chiquito83 Ha nice! Later perhaps. :grinning: