Any feedback on local weather project

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile: .

How to prevent my background image from resizing?

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  1. Are the colors good/ matching to the background (are they too bright, dark, etc)?
  2. Is the weather accurate? Its based on your entire town/ area, not your house.
  3. Do certain countries or areas not work?
  4. Is the time correct?
  5. Is it cloud coverage or number of clouds? All the freeCodeCamp weather API tells me is just clouds: 70 (for example). Someone told me its percentage, but it could also be the exact number too.
  6. Did i miss any requirements?
  7. Its only made for certain types of weather. I can only add backgrounds or icons for the weather i know of/ experience. Is their any list of every type of weather/ name? I change the background based on the condition which is provided. For instance since it hasn’t snowed by me yet, i wouldn’t know if it is called “Snow” or “Light snow”, etc, since i use if/ else statements. You can see this at lines 444 - 557. Just reply the listed condition if background fails/ doesn’t load.

I think this is really good! What I love is, all the information that’s presented in the app makes sense the way it’s designed. Probably the only thing I don’t like is that the Celcius to Farenheight button changes other information on the page. Like it changes miles to kilometers. I’m probably being picky :sweat_smile: but I love the background and styling. Great job!

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Lol yeah i was debating if it should be F | C or C <---- click or <button>Imperial / metric</button>

I wanted it to blend in with the page :smiley:

Their is still one thing wrong with it however, it that i cant find a way to prevent the image from resizing. I got it so the main box (.parent) but couldn’t for the background.

Thanks so much for the feedback