Check my Local Weather App out!

Hi Campers!

Finished up the Local Weather App Project and wanted to show you guys my work. Hope everything is functioning correctly… (If not, refreshing the page might help…) Any comments, feedback, critique would be appreciated!

Link -

Thanks in advance and happy coding!

Masami :v:

Works perfectly after I hit the Refresh button. The button to switch the temperature from C to F works as well! It’s super simple, but completes the project. If anything, I would recommend using your own images instead of the API response images to customize it a bit.

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Thanks for the response! Glad that it’s working and you’re certainly right about the images, they’re pretty lame… :sweat_smile: Might go ahead and bring in a different set of images!

Looks good and works well, The only thing I would change is add a background-size and set it to cover, so that your body image covers the whole page

body {
background-image: url(“”);
font-family: “Roboto”, sans-serif;
background-size: cover;

I would be grateful if you could check the functionality and appearance of my Local Weather App

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Thanks for the tip!

Your page is working fine! Unfortunately the location isn’t quite accurate but that is due to the API fetching the IP address of our internet provider and nothing to do with your code. I like how the background changes according to the temperature! I think I might steal that bit… :grin: