Weather App review

Hey everyone! Finally completed my weather app. I’m thinking of polishing it up a little bit or possibly adding more features, but I wanted to get some input if anyone has a minute to look at it!

If it doesn’t get your location, I have it set to revert to Des Moines, IA, so if that’s what you see, then location might be having issues, (or your in Des Moines!)


Hey, it is one of the first weather projects i have seen on this forum that directly worked! One problem though, if I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, it almost immediately switches back to Fahrenheit. Also the image link seems to be broken.

Ah, the background image must have been the “windy” one. I noticed I had a typo in the file name, so thanks for that! Also I need to set up a default in case Forecast changes things in the future.

Strange about the conversion. I have it set up to give me “general weather info,” “imperial data,” “si data,” and “reverse geocoding data” before it even posts anything to HTML. Then when the button is click it simply changes the data via .html calls. I’ll have to look into why it is doing that but I haven’t seen it on my phone or computers, so this is going to be a fun one to debug. :disappointed_relieved:

Hey, just noticed the partly cloudy icon doesn’t work either. I don’t have any problems with the conversion anymore. I think it was because of some codepen weirdness (or my internet connection?). It still does change whenever I change tabs and then come back. So nothing wrong with your code I think.

Yeah guess I have a bad habit of typos! Ha, but that icon should now be working.

I also got the background images a lot smaller and I added a part in the code that will give an unknown icon and generic weather background in case the icon gives me isn’t an image I have.

Thank you again for your help! If anyone else sees anything, please let me know! I’m thinking of coming back to it later to add features, but I’m kind of ready to move on to another project!