Local Weather App. Feedback? :)

So this is mine guys. Still a lotta room for improvement. I was happy as soon as the api started responding:stuck_out_tongue:

The design is pretty minimal. Feedback and constructive criticism will be much appreciated!

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Looks pretty good. The location and weather are accurate.

You didn’t fulfill this:

User Story: I can push a button to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

I can’t do that on your page.

The wind direction in degrees doesn’t make sense to an average person. I’d either convert that to a N, NW, E, etc direction or omit it.
Finally, be aware that the api won’t respond if you open the page with https in the address, it only works with http.

Thanks beekey. Funny, I’m still working on that toggle button. it weirdly works on touch screen only once.

Hey, I would also suggest adding the city and state not just county. When I did it, it showed me data for a county that I had barely heard about and is half a state away. It would be helpful if you put city and such, because then the user would have a better understanding about how accurate or close it is to them.

Looks dope!


  • Remove the wind information, as it’s usually not that important.

  • Add more details about the location.

  • Add a little more style by adding fonts. Google fonts is your friend here.

  • Allow for the user to toggle between fahrenheit and celsius. Also try making placing this on the same line as the number. You could also try changing the ‘css’ cursor property or just making it an anchor tag that leads to nowhere.

  • The image could be larger, as it does portray important information.

  • Would be awesome if the layout changed for medium/large screens. You have a lot of room to work with on these screens.

Great work! I look forward to seeing the improved version!

Thanks. I’ve done that

Thanks for the feedback man. I tried to follow your advice. check it out again. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve rectified that.

Nice improvements!


  • Try picking a color scheme that doesn’t use too many colors(4+) and goes well with your background. I recommend using Paletton to help you decide. I often use a monochromatic o triad color scheme.

  • Try in improve the legibility of the text. Perhaps you could add an opaque black background behind the text, but in front of the image background. Or, you could try messing around with the css property “text-shadow.”

These are the last fixes I’ll suggest. Awesome work!

That’s definitely a change for the better. Here is one more suggestion.

Make the temperature and weather description with the icon more prominent. They need to stand out as that’s what people will look for when checking the weather. I’d make them larger or in some other way more noticeable than the F and C buttons and the humidity info.