Any improvements? Tribute page v0.2

Hi, I recently redid my tribute page to v0.2. Once I learned more about CSS.
Hopefully, it is responsive :sweat_smile:

v0.2 the link

Want to add a cool animation timeline l8r on, when I will learn more.

All feedback is appreciated so much :slight_smile:

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I really like the simple, yet effective way you laid your page out.

A drop shadow under the image or the middle section would be nice

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Thank you for your feedback, I really like your HTML interactive pages you set up the adventure ones :smiley: spent a bit of time on your coin clicker game as well.

I’m currently diving deeper into styling since I studied the box-model, basics-of-flexbox and layout-planing right now. But adding a box-shadow sounds simple enough definitely will try to incorporate it.

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Your page is simple and effective, and I notice that the image is responsive
in my opinion, I think that page style can be improved by using display font on the header or you can make the timeline more interactive for example: revealing the text on hover with a slight fade
overall the page is awesome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for giving me feedback on my projects. for a shadow, all ya gotta do is use box-shadow: [number]px [number]px [number]px [number]px black; fill in the [number] things with something from 0-5 pixels.

Your tribute page is looking pretty good so far. A few suggestions follow:

  • In your h1 “jobs” is not capitalized.
  • You might consider making your h1 bigger to make it stand out visually and maybe replace the image of just one with Jobs’s photo (without the text). You could then set your figcaption to “Steve Jobs, 1955-2011” so that the figcaption describes the image. Then you can put the Jobs quote in a separate blockquote element.
  • At the top and bottom of the main content where the blue background color shows through, you might want to think about making those the same size. Same with the spacing used before and after the figure element, for visual balance.

Great job!

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nice job :yum: maybe add a different font? :thought_balloon:

see here to test