Any other method to "favorite" curriculum, instead of bookmark?

hi, im a new user on FCC, 1st post,
so far so good, i’m at lesson HTML at flexbox in day 2/3

i’m not really sure where to put it, so i put it here in support, i was thinking that it’ll be awesome if there will be a “favorite” some parts of the curriculum for easier access besides curriculum for beginners like everyone can access it at will

just a suggestion, thanks!
(ps: if there’s another method besides bookmarking it, please tell me as i don’t know what keywords i need to type in google to search for it)

There isn’t currently a way to save links to your favorite challenges (except browser bookmarks). You can search for challenges quickly though, if that helps.

the problem is that i don’t remember the name of the challenges or tutorial, that’s why i was asking about it, it’ll certainly nice if there’s a button that fast forward challenges that been done to review it…