Any react rich text editor tool which is highly customizable

Let’s say I want to create freecodecamp text editor which is used when posting a topic. So far I’ve tried react draft wysiwyg package and it’s not compatible with react 18, slate js seems so difficult and requires a lot of code just to create something, draft js too is giving me problems… But quill works fine the only problem is customizing it with my own icons and drop downs but I just can’t find it in their documentation. Any help?

im also working on such an assignment!! im using ‘react-md-editor’ for it, but it seems like not much that can be done in terms of styling and stuff!! if you havent tried it yet, you might want to look into it, happy coding :slight_smile:

Thank you… I’ll try it out and see how it goes… I’ve been working and trying different packages since Wednesday and nothing is working :joy::joy:

I checked it out and it looks like a markdown editor

yeah, well, good luck and this is what i ended finished with this for now regarding this,

as i said, apart from styling, its not that bad!! fyi: there seems to be a bit of glitch when you write down markup, you’ll see when you try this on your app!!

yeah!! you dont need that?!

I think it’s okay… But I was looking for something more like let’s say Microsoft Word text editor like… Can you send me a link to the code?

Something like this

which code? if you’re looking for example code of how to use ‘react-md-editor’ then perhaps look into their provided snippets from here

Thank you I will check it out

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