Any way to get the lessons and advance without completing the lesson

I am doing every lesson and project twice. I do them in the website the regular way then I do them again on VSCode and push to github. I find it helps retaining stuff by repeating it, and I get to practice using VSCode and git also.
But there is no way to browse lessons without completing them. I have to go to the courses page and choose the lesson I am doing.

Anyone knows a workaround or a way to access just the lessons. Maybe the lessons can be downloaded?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome there,

If you enable the keyboard shortcuts from the page, you can use the n or p keys to go to the next or previous lesson.

Note: If the editor is in focus, press Esc to unfocus it, before pressing n/p.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much, it helps a lot. It 's preety much what I wanted.

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