Any way to see what's the result of a failed test?

So I’m nearing the end of the Basic JavaScipt Course and my main issue with JS so far is that I have a hard time to grasp why some tests don’t pass and if they don’t pass where do they end up instead?
For example the following test: " After updateRecords(recordCollection, 2468, “tracks”, “Free”), tracks should have the string 1999 as the first element."

Obviously my code has some kind of issue so this test isn’t getting 1999 as the first element, no big deal i’ll figure it out. But what is the first element it’s getting instead? Or at what other point is it getting an error/undefined/whatever message so that it is stopping in its progress? Any way to better see where or why tests fail?

You can copy-paste the failing function call into the editor to see what happens when that test runs

For example, I would add the line

console.log(updateRecords(recordCollection, 2468, “tracks”, “Free”));

in your editor after your updateRecords function to see what’s happening for this test.

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