Seeing Results from Failed tests

I am loving free code camp and am having some trouble understanding the debugging process.

Right now, when I run a test, it shows me what passed and what failed / the expected answer.

Is it possible to see what the actual answer is? It is hard to debug when I can’t see what is going on?

Also, I have never figured out the value of the lines like "// Test your code by modifying these values

How are we supposed to use them?

you can do console.log(/* here things to test */)

for example console.log(checkObj("pet"))

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Okay got it. And it seems to run the test in real time. Thanks for the tip!

FCC does have a Debugging section that you can jump to. It introduces you to the browser console. For what it’s worth, I prefer debugging with tools like for FCC type challenges because it doesn’t have all the chaos of everything else my browser is doing.

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