First post: question about user interface and feedback to FCC

hey all,
I am by no means new to programming. I actually have a solid foundation in python. I’m currently making my way through FCC, the JavaScript tutorials.

One of the biggest issues I find, is that I can’t actually see what the code I write outputs. Even if its incorrect. words cannot describe how beneficial something like that would be. I mean, the best way I advanced my knowledge in python, is through print statements. so if the code wasn’t giving me what I wanted, I could at least throw some print statement in to try to hunt down the cause

So, with regard to FCC, if my code submitted is incorrect, ill just get an error. but generally its very vague. I wont know if its due to the syntax or because my solution is actually incorrect . and If the solution is incorrect, I think it would be helpful to literally see why. what is my code actually outputting. and then I could compare it to the desired output.

not to sound too critical- as to be honest, im more so suggesting that as a feature that would drastically improve ones ability to learn

but my question is: considering there doesn’t currently exist that option, whats a good way to test my code? do you guys use alternative sites, some kind of IDE to run your code through? im familiar with ones pertaining to python but not with JavaScript or the languages /frameworks taught here. thanks in advance

you can use console.log() statements to print stuff to the console, pretty similar to the python print statement

The section on Debugging shows you how to print to the console. A Google search will also get you some great articles and explanations on ways that you can use your browser’s DevTools to do debug web pages, once you start making projects. is invaluable for testing quick one-off snippets of code