Why doesn't FCC show your code output?

I’m getting frustrated because it seems FCC does not allow you to see the output of your code. For example, on the basic algorithm scripting, it just tells you if you failed or passed, not what your return is. In the later exercises, this makes it EXTREMELY difficult to see where you messed up, it’s like you’re doing it blind. Am I missing something? It seems mind blowing that a website like this built around teaching and learning wouldn’t show you what your code is doing. If someone could point me to somewhere that would allow me to easily see my code’s output, I would appreciate it.

You should have your browser console open at the same time to see output.

On windows Shift + Alt + J

I kind of think this lesson should come earlier:


It’s actually a good move, because in the real world you’ll need to depend on the console for coding JavaScript.

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You can do as @Tirjasdyn or you can write your code in something repl.it and call all the test cases against your function to see what they return and then when you are satisfied you have the correct solution, copy/paste back into the FCC challenge and run the tests to validate your code is correct.

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That repl.it thing is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you!!