No output in javascript modules

I am running through the Javascript modules, but whenever I have a problem there seems to be no way to actually see what my code is outputting. I can run a test and see what my code is doing wrong, but I can’t actually see what my code is actually outputting, making it hard to debug errors. Am I missing something??

There is no way to see any output from the tests on the freecodecamp console.

But if you open up the devtools in your browser then you’ll be able to console.log anything there. On chrome it’s right click -> inspect

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The loss of being able to see the codes output is my only qualm with the FCC update. It’s very helpful to see the output, and before the update it showed you. Now it’s running tests and only returning something if it doesn’t pass. Hopefully this can be tweaked so that we’re not having to use a separate app to see the output.

It’s not another app. It’s the browser’s devtools panel.

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