JavaScript has no OUTPUT VIEW

How do you mess up something basic thing as this , i don’t understand you can see some examples from codecademy how they handle this i mean you ask us to solve problem and we never EVER see the output and where we are messing up .So i have to put console.log on everything and watch it in console .
Add another window for love of god …

This is what i mean look at the print screen i can see the output instant from what I’m typing i have window for it .
And in .In freecodecamp where i can see the console log out put here ? how do i know if im messing up some math to cheek the score ? i need to be experienced in js to know how to debug it this is very much not new coders friendly view at all .

As Ariel posted it’s an open issue already that they’re fixing and only occured recently with the beta going live. It’s unfortunate but unlike code academy, freeCodeCamp isn’t a for profit. So if you can’t contribute you’ll just have to be patient while other contributors fix it.

OK man ill wait then i know its not for profit but i got so many issues with the JS things its insane things that should work dont work and im testing them i got the result that is expected but is bugged as hell and very frustrating to work with