Unable to see output in the learning section

Unable to see output in the learning section.
It supposed to be shown at the right side of the screen. I just have 2 windows: One at the left side, with the question, and one at the right, with the code submission. It should be third window at the right with the output of my code. I made hard refresh but nothing changed.
I use chrome on Mac.

for JavaScript this is the correct visualisation.
JavaScript is a more abstract thing than html/css
the output is visualized in the console where you see the result of tests , where there is written your output will go here
you don’t need a webpage, as the output will be numbers, strings, objects, values in general

if you ever want to see the value of something in the console, as nothing is printed to the console if you don’t ask for it, you need to use the console.log() method. You will learn about it later.
For now don’t worry about it, but instead try to use this tool that once you start having to give values to variables will show you what values have the variables, and what is happening:

Thanks for the response. The problem appears not only at JS section but also in html and css. There’s a fix for that issue?

can you share a screenshot for html and css section?

Here’s an example. it is not always happens but in many cases.

this is still JavaScript, JavaScript doesn’t have the right section to show a webpage

Without html there is no page to show so it would just be empty all the time, so it is not there

can you show an example of the right section not being present for html and css? that would be a bug. For javascript it is normal.

if you want a more visual component, you can try running your code with this tool:

Oh, sorry, sent the wrong example.
I’ll try to find another.
Thank you

Thank u, I’ll use it!