JavaScript Workspace

Does Freecodecamp actually don’t have a workspace for Javascript or am the one that touched something, because without seeing what my code is doing and printing i can’t learn anything.

is the editor not working?

you can use console.log statement to print the value of stuff to the console

editor is working, am talking about, the screen or board, i cant see the output of my codes

Are you seeing something like:

Top right is where you write your code and bottom right is where you can see what you console.log.

can’t i get a screen like html?

no, JavaScript will not have an output like html. It’s all variables holding values and changing those

you can see the value of variables tho
in the example from @nibble you could add console.log(reminder) to see the value of that variable

i don’t understand you

html and css are markup languages so that is why you saw instant results when you went through the responsive design section.

For example, when you increased the size for an image in css you instantly saw the results.

Remember that html and css are the design and content of the web page.

But the javascript section is a little different.
You are not going to see instant visual changes in the editor like html and css.
If you want to see what your code is doing, you will have to use console.log() like mentioned above.

Once you get past the basic javascript certification and into the front end certification you will start combining, html, css and javascript.

From there, you will start to see how all three interact with each other and you will start to see changes in your webpages.

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that’s shows it really hard to learn, have been learning it for over 3days, but can’t get anything because am not seeing the output. thanks tho.

It will take some time getting used to your first programming language.
So it is totally fine if it is not making sense right now.
But with repeat exposure and time the concepts will start to make sense.

sure i will, but i can see other basic javascript classes with a board/screen . how about that

javascript is a programming language and like any other programming language there is a console that outputs the result of the code for example, if you make a javascript program that adds two numbers, the output will be shown in the console. if you are new and find it challenging you can spend a day or two on youtube learning basic javascript that will be very helpful in understanding whats happening behind the scenes. also, you will learn how to use the console that is built in the browser(chrome, firefox have that built-in, not sure about other browsers.) You can practice basic programs like addition, subtraction and you will get familiarized with it at the same time.

There are other courses like udemy, that teach javascript through code along projects.

So, in that case, if you were building a javascript game or something then you will start to see the results in your browser.

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you can use a tool like this to start, to see what the values of variables are

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