No console for code output

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Out of curiosity… I started JS after the FCC upgrade and it doesn’t have a console I can view the results of my code on like the HTML/CSS had. Is this by design or did I not switch something on? :smile:

well, HTML and CSS the visual part of the website.
JavaScript instead elaborates datas, but doesn’t show those datas if you don’t say so, or some environments print the output of the last line of code, like the browser console.

as a beginner I found this tool really helpful to see the processes happening:

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Should look something like this:

Instructions are on the left, coding window on top right, console on bottom right.

edit: what @ieahleen said, +1 for pythontutor, it’s incredibly useful

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Oh thanks very much, will check this out,

Many thanks. That’s exactly how it looks from my end of things. Still getting the hang of JS :sweat_smile:

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