No console output at all

I have tried chrome and edge, when the tests run there is no console output only the results if test passed or not. Honestly this is a huge deal, i need to see the console log for all the tests I am doing. Please let me know if there is a solution to this because it really is frustrating me that the most important feature of this website doesn’t work.

TLDR - No console.log output only //test passed or test failed.

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Use the browser’s console (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chrome). You can put console.log statements in to see the values of variables throughout your code.

Hi There - are devs working on a fix? It is not ideal to have to check all the code in the browsers console. This slows down progression and also affects user experience.

Not sure. It is possible.

This is exactly how development work is done when you are on the job. You need to get used to checking the console for errors and debugging.

Ok fair enough! Thanks for the help.

I sometimes use and choose Node. You will see any errors in their on-screen console when running your code. You could write your solutions (debugging them) there and then copy/paste them over to FCC to run the tests.

Sorry to bump this, but this is a huge UX issue which really needs to be looked in to. If I was a student just getting into JS, this could cause me to give up in frustration, particularly on the algo scripting challenges.

The new editor has brought some great improvements, but I’d do away with all of them if I could see what my code is outputting without having to run it in the browser console (and putting console.log statements all over the place…)

I saw in another thread that the intention was to display a console, but that was over 6 months ago. @QuincyLarson any current plans to address this?

Sorry to bump again, but I should clarify my previous statement.

The biggest issue is that obvious syntax issues are not highlighted at execution. For example, if I’m iterating through a nested array with a for loop and accidentally type arr.length[i] rather than arr[i].length, I could spend ages trying to figure out my mistake. Using the console does not help as it doesn’t automatically log errors either.

I can’t be the only one who finds this a massive step back from the old editor?

I just wanted to say that I am big +1 on the console being improved. As an early student in my course (but with some experience of other courses and languages), the console is a huge help when I am building my functions and algorithms. For example, say I am writing a for loop on an object, to then add a conditional to this. I want to be able to check the output of the for loop before writing any extra code. Otherwise I am coding blind and it makes it much slower to bug bash.

I’ll resort to the Google Chrome console in the meanwhile, but it seems non-optimal to the FCC experience.