FCC JavaScript Console


I was wondering if there is a way to see what the output of the FCC JavaScript code window is going to be before you submit your answers. I’m thinking of how the little smartphone window would update in the HTML/CSS/jQuery challenges, so you could fiddle with things to see the impact and learn more than just copying the example code.

Have I missed something here?

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you can put console.log() statements in your code and then look at the dev tools when you run your program (to go to dev tools if using chrome … right click any area of window … click inspect ).

i like to use repl.it to do the problems in first as using this i can check things as i go … and then when im finished just copy to fcc.

Yeah - I don’t think I was paying very much attention.

I wasn’t really looking at the difference between Run Test/Submit Answer.

Thanks for your response though.

Do you know how to delete a post? Couldn’t find anything when I searched the forum.

Any moderator can delete it for you if you want…

BUT…it was a sensible question and you got a good answer! Before you ask us to nuke it, could I suggest you leave it, since someone may search for a similar question later and find that this helps them :slight_smile:

If it means that much for the future…

I’ll let it be.

Thanks for the info @JacksonBates!