Beta Console - Debugging section

The production FreeCodeCamp has a black console normally above the test cases. Is there supposed to be a console in the beta version? I see that there is a place for me to get error messages but I don’t actually see the output when I do console.log(…)

Then in the debugging section of Javascript, it mentions the FreeCodeCamp console. I guess I’m just overall confused if I’m supposed to see the output still and what the FreeCodeCamp console is supposed to look like.

Here is the link to the challenge that mentions the browser and FCC consoles.

The little black box on Free Code Camp is not a console. I suspect that one reason it was removed is because people thought it was a console. You can access your browser’s console by opening the developer tools (F12 on Chrome and similar in other browsers). You can also use tools like which have a more console-like environment.

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