Anybody can help me? im stuck in this code "local scope and function"

Hello ganefiatri,

Read the comments. It’s a bit of a silly way to progress, but it is what it is.

The instruction is very clear. All you need is a little patience to actually read it. Take your time. It is better to finish late with deep understanding than to rush through and come out same as you started

I think I missunderstod the situation here. It looks like this test is done. Have you pushed the “Run tests” button?

yes i do pushed but it didnt work, i confused what happen there

// read the comments on the console, it’s telling you what to do.

i do read the comments but still didnt work, do you know what is wrong with the code?

What does the last // comment say?

it say // Now remove the console log line to pass the test

Actually on second look the conditions look met. have you tired refreshing the page?

i just refreshing the page and now work tq heyrio

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The site is broken on this one. What I did (after banging my head against the wall for 30 min) was complete the first requirement, then delete BOTH console log lines, the site would still reject this in Chrome browser, but refresh the page and try running it again with the same exact code, then it would accept it.