Anybody know how this works? ( i don't even know how to start )

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That’s a big question. More specifically:

How does codewars work?

What are linked lists?

There are Katas at the bottom that challenge you on the necessary javascript concepts in increasing order of difficulty that you can use to learn what you don’t know.

welp a big question deserves a big answer :slight_smile:

could you please use descriptive titles?

Not sure what to put other than the title of algorithm. you can read the details in the link i given.

help please anybody ?

Are you wondering on how to solve that particular Kata? You would need to create a constructor class for a linked list, and within that class, you would have methods, such as append, as it seems that’s what it wants. Linked lists can be pretty difficult to grasp if its your first time, so I would recommend checking out this video here

She explains on how setting up linked list perfectly, and was one of the few videos that really made sense to me when learning about it.

Link list is a computer science concept that allows common object to link together to create a list.

It is best describe and understood in C and C++ programming because before dynamic type everything needs to the same. For instance, JavaScript allows you to have strings, integer, float, or some other object all in one array. But c/c++ cannot.

In the old days, if you want an array, you need to allocate size. How much space do you want for your string, integer, etc.

Linked list eliminates the need for that by allowing you to add into or take away from the chain dynamically.

Now all this can be done with javascript. Push, pop, shift, unshift.

This question might be difficult to solve if you have to do it within a time period. :wink:

i get the idea of constructors and methods inside of it. but i can’t seem to find a test case i understand in the challenge. but i shall check out the video link.

Hey, how far did you manage to complete the Javascript exercises since august 20 Aug… lol im looking for motivation, i have been stuck on the basics for a while now

I’ve told all I know about codewars. I’ve decided that, for now, the best thing for me is to stick to using javascript in the dom and learn PHP. This will get me into jobs faster and I can figure out the algorithms later.

I learned computer science and data structures in C and can’t imagine linked lists without pointers. I have experience with procedural languages but it seems like I have a block to learn Javascript even though I’ve completed a lot of the JS curriculum and simple things like fizzbuzz but not algorithms