Anyone curious about ASP.NET MVC

Hey all,

If anyone is curious about ASP.NET MVC or even the MVC architecture in general, but has not checked it out yet, I just made a video about it that is geared toward total noobs. I Love FreeCodeCamp and I also love ASP.NET/C#. I am trying to help others learn more about the .NET/Microsoft stack as I’ve found a serious lack of resources for newbies out there. Not sure why, as it is also open-source and totally free to work with. Plus, if you know C#, then you can write desktop apps, Android Apps, and iOS apps to go along with your back-end APIs. FCC is complementary to me learning ASP.NET because through FCC I learn Bootstrap, JavaScript, and HTML which I actually use in my ASP.NET applications.

Of course, I am still learning a ton myself but I love taking difficult concepts and simplifying them for beginners.


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’d really love to get into .NET someday, and I’ll make sure to check out your video when I do.

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Cheers for the video. Now I have basic understanding about MVC.

I just started learning MVC and I want to make a forum website.

So cheers once more

Happy coding


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I’ve known C# for desktop programs for almost 2 years, but have always wanted to get into the back-end with it. Thanks for this video!

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I wanted to get advice how to start learning mvc to make websites.

I have little experience with vs205 or C#.

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