How to learn C# .NET

I’m looking for recommendations on how to learn C# syntax, object oriented programming, and the basics of web development in the .NET framework.

I loved FreeCodeCamp. The structure/challenges/projects were perfect for me. So I’m hoping to find something at least somewhat similar for C#. Would love your suggestions!

I don’t know of any structured, free-of-cost way to learn C# and .NET online, but if you’re in the U.S., check what digital services your local library offers. Many of them offer subscriptions, and a few will pay for Treehouse. Once you’re practiced in the basic syntax and concepts of the language and framework, you can do all of the fCC backend projects in C#.

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I bookmarked this article a while back, and you may find it helpful… Quora Article


Thanks for the recommendation!

Great list! Not nearly as good as FCC but good stuff. Thank you!

i learned by using Starting out with visual basic by gaddis

you need to be using windows w/ visual studio community to have the available tools for this book.

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